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SCN's consulting portfolio supports each stage of the optimisation cycyle  through a structured process, utilising aspects of the service portfolio required for any specific stage;


Our consulting service supports any aspect of Operations from specific targeted problem areas to complete solutions design.


The first stage of the process is about truly understanding the client's business in a way that an open and  honest understanding of the requirements can be established and agreed.


SCN's approach to any engagement is that we are 'in it together' with our client by committing to the project, keeping promises and delivering professional, sustainable solutions, whilst developing long term client relationships.


We recognise that few people buy services and software purely based on the lowest cost

offering they find, the decsion about whom to buy from is very often based on trust. SCN recognise this and sets out to build a long term trusted relationship with every client from day one.


Once we have a clear understanding of the clients requirements we will conduct a detailed fact finding and analysis phase in order to understand the specific details of any area we are working, including Volumetric information, KPI's and performance related data and process breakdown.

We have many years of experience in conducting detailed information analysis as a way of understanding how opertaions truly function before we make any assesment of the likely solution. This phase gives us a full appraisal of the clients operation, along with any unique operating aspects, restrictions and capabilities and equips us to enter the 'Design' phase of our delivery.

Supply Chain Network Ltd. offer a specialist approach to Supply Chain optimisation, with each component of the portfolio targeted at a specific aspect of the overall solution ;

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Supply Chain Network's 

'PRO 10' is the Warehouse and Distribution Manager's toolkit which will help them to Plan, Manage, Track and Report all of the resources required to run a distribution centre including Labour, Performance / KPI's, Storage Space, Operational Space, Equipment / MHE as well as providing operational tools to ensure transport and warehouse operational synergy and long term recruitment needs.

SCN Consulting

When we enter a Solution Design phase we begin to draw on may years of experience of different operations and different customers and industries to formulate a solution specific to the clients requirements and business.

Project / Change Management

We have many years experience of delivering operational change and improvement Projects.

We can offer a level of expertise that is not normally found within Logistics operations, with the ability to deliver key operational projects on-time, within agreed scope and budget.

We recognise the need to deliver sustainable results and we always deliver a framework of ownership in order to achieve ongoing improvement environments.


Using structured project management and reporting strategies SCN Project Managers will deliver clear visible managemant of projects and operational change however large or small.

Interim / Short Term Management Support

Interim Managers are able to provide quick solutions to gaps in key positions due to changes in business or a shortfall in recruitment.

Interim Managers are ready to have immediate impact as well as having the ability to transfer specialist knowledge and experience.


SCN can offer interim Management support as a stand alone service or in support of a project or change delivery, underlying our commitment to working with our clients business every step of the way.

Logistics Optimisation Systems

The Logistics Toolbox, 'Pro 10', is a suite of operational tools that provide Distribution Managers with the capability to continually optimise their Warehouse and Transportation operations through the forecasting, planning, real-time tracking and reporting of all depot resources including labour, Equipment and storage / Operational space.


The real-time nature of these hands on operational tools allows Managers to make dynamic, informed decisions at any point in time, whilst providing a forward view and retrospective operational perfomance and cost reporting

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