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Supply Chain Network embraces technology solutions as part of the modern, efficient warehouse.


In order to deliver optimisation there is a need to position software solutions that enable real-time informed Management of the operation.


SCN Partners with specialist solutions providers in the areas of Modelling & Simulation, as part of solutions design & operational planning, and WMS.


In the area of day to day operational management, a key aspect of optimisation, SCN have developed the operational toolkit:


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Based on over 25 years of Operations experience, our optimisation products will help you realise real benefits within your warehouse and distribution Operations.  

As part of our consulting portfolio we specialize in day to day operational planning and Management of warehousing and distribution operations including:  


   >   Labour Forecasting

   >   Volumetric Resource forecasting

   >   Operational Synergy Planning

   >   Stock Management Planning

   >   Space Utilisation / Optimisation

   >   Real Time Operational tools


With the inclusion of real time operational tools within your day to day operations, Warehouse and Transport Managers can make well informed decisions in their day to day tasks that can deliver overall efficiency gains.


The Pro 10 toolkit is designed to give managers hands on tools to make this a reality.

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Pro 10 is made up of a series of stand alone or integrated tools which will be available individually or as a full operational planning and Management toolset:

1. Recruitment Forecast - This tools allows the forward calculation of recruitment requirement taking into account operational volume forecasts, perfomance data, headcount split (Full Time / Part Time / Temp) and can allow for trending of key elements as well as manual intervention to produce a 12 month rolling forecast including volume variation contingency

2. Labour Management Module - This is the nucleus of the PRO 10 toolset encompasing a detailed operational plan. The tool is a dynamic planning tool which updates based on real time information to provide a full operational plan by day / shift / function / operating section outputing real time status information and daily operational reporting.

The labour tool allows for real time balancing of labour and activity within the DC.

3. Dashboard - Real time information showing throughput, operational status, performance and cost within the DC

5. Transport Tracker - Analysis and measurement of the transportation schedule in terms of efficiency and cost (Based on the output from TMS / transport planning process)

6. Synergy Plan - Delivers output to determine the optimal order processing through the DC in terms of pick / load / depart timings which are used to drive resource planning.

7. Space Management - Storage space forecasting based on range management / throughput forecasts providing a short and long term status for each storage medium

Operational space forecasting to determine space required in the DC to stage and process stock in and out.

8. Stock Management  - Toolset to plan and manage all aspects of stock management and stock performance reporting including cyclical count cycles and daily stock management activities

9. Equipment Module - Calculates and forecasts all aspects of equipment requirements in the DC including cages / pallets etc and MHE / specialist equipment.

10. DC Budget -Comprehensive Distribution Centre operational Budgeting tool.

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4. Visual Warehouse - An interactive warehouse layout plan that allows real-time views of the warehouse data with filters for user defined views and instigation of warehouse activity directly through the visual interface

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